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Solar Flex, Solar Glass Panels, Solar Controls and Accessories

Sol-Go, Inc… Takes pride in solar module design, manufacturing quality control and sales service, along with offering of a wide range of module shapes and sizes all at a reasonable price. Sol-Go is a spin-off from SunPower where Sol-Go played a major role in design of the SunPower flex modules, specified manufacturing and quality control, and led the worldwide sales of flex modules. The unique cell design has a copper foundation and performs better than any other cell module made today.

Manufactured Metal Components

Circle M Spring, Inc… A quality metal manufacturer of springs, wire forms and multi-slide parts. Engineering assistance for custom built metal parts, quick sample turn around, in house tooling with low overhead for the best possible cost.

Metal Fabrication

WICKFAB, Inc… A superior source of industrial custom steel and equipment fabrication. Precision laser cutting services can rapidly and economically cut large or small parts, from simple shapes to intricately complex designs.

Plastic Thermoforming

M&P Plastic Thermoforming, LLC… products sold to the RV Marketplace with plastic thermoforming manufacturing processes including fender skirts, shower pans, shower walls, inner garnish and skylights.

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